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About the Author

Kristie Gant began writing inductive Bible study courses in 2004, after teaching and developing Bible study lessons for over fifteen years. The focus of each of her studies is to teach truth, exalt God, call women to greater obedience, and equip them to disciple their children and other women.

As a child of committed Christian parents, Kristie was taught the Scriptures and at an early age was made wise unto salvation (2 Timothy 3:15). While attending Texas Tech University, where she received a BA in Speech Pathology, Kristie met and married Hank Gant. They are the parents of two grown children, Amy and Craig.

Over the years, Kristie has pursued the knowledge of God through inductive Bible study and the reading and hearing of faithful teachers and preachers. The writings of the Puritans have been particularly influential in her understanding of spiritual truth and in her passion for discipleship.

Kristies inductive Bible study courses have been self-published through In Praise of God Ministries (formerly At Home Studies), which her family began for that purpose. Some of her books are now available through Focus Publishing.

Kristie and Hank are both active in their local church body where Kristie serves as a womens Bible study leader and teacher. It is the passion of her heart to share the Scriptures with women who love God and who desire that His Spirit progressively transform them into the image of Christ.

Kristie is available for speaking engagements on a limited basis.

A Word from Hank

For many years and in many places, I have seen Gods gifting of and call for Kristie to teach. A part of my own ministry involves directing, supporting and encouraging her as she studies, teaches and writes.

I pray that the Bible study helps, guides and tools that we provide will assist you as you study Gods Word, and that through studying the Scriptures the Holy Spirit will guide you toward Christlikeness, resulting in the glory of God.

Truly yours in Him,


Photo by Ren Sprunger

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